My name is Kara and you have no idea how happy I am to finally be a #farmgirl (like, no idea…jump for joy and pee your pants a little kind of happiness!), so how could I not share my joy with you all?

A little about me – I’m an animal lover like no other…If Noah had a girlfriend and that girlfriend was me, the age-old story we know as Noah’s Ark would’ve been Kara’s Ark! But seriously, if my partner in crime, life and love, Matt, brought me home a cute little animal every day of the week (or even just once a week…I’m easy going like that), then I tell you now, that man could get away with murder!

I’m not a full time farm girl yet though. I’m lucky enough when we relocated from Melbourne to North Brisbane at the end of 2016 that I was able to keep my corporate job but instead of travelling into a city every day, I work from home. Not a bad deal if you ask me! After all, we have lots of plans for our humble abode and those plans (and fur babies) need funding. So, for now, I’m a full-time IT Recruiter by day but after hours and weekends, give me my ‘flanny’ and put me to work!

So, hello lovely visitors and welcome to our world on KaMa Heights Farm.

Why the name?

Well this wasn’t easy for us (and especially me; I like to think I’m creative but I am also one of the most indecisive people you’ll get to know!); it was more of a light bulb moment!

See that picture of a lovely note created in my phone…this was evidence of some really hard
thinking on my part. Matt tried hard to suppress his giggles name-ideasas he was scanning the list until he reached “Portley Pine” and couldn’t hold it in anymore. *giggles* “Where the hell did you get Portley Pine from?”.

We were at Brisbane airport at the time, in a bar waiting for our flight to be called and I thought what better time to show him my creations and announce that I wanted to start a blog! So whilst trying to not choke on his beer and me now giggling hysterically at his reactions to each name, I tried to explain the thought behind “Portley Pine” – Portley includes some of my surname and there is a huge pine tree at the entrance to our property…simple! Nope, it just warranted a lot more laughter from both of us and we left that conversation there!

So it wasn’t until almost two weeks later, the name just came to me as I was sitting on our front porch on a Saturday afternoon. Matt was all of two meters away from me on the other side of the lounge room wall but I sent him this text immediately. You see, he has a knack for claiming that he was responsible for thinking of all our animals’ names and I wasn’t going to let that happen this time round!light-bulb-moment

We say “Calm ya farm” a lot, KaMa is half of each of our names, and it also sounds like ‘Karma’. How clever! Even though I had seen him read the message, he didn’t exactly react to my great mind as I would have expected…not a fist pump in the air, no “that’s the one! You’re amazing!”…nothing. It wasn’t until maybe half an hour later that he said “It just needs something else. Like, another word in the middle. Hill, hillside, heights…”. And boom! As soon as that last word came out of his mouth I thought it was perfect! So, it was a joint greatness of minds that we now have a new name for our homestead on a hill.

Why I’m writing this blog and sharing it with you…

Well, to be honest, there is a lottttttttttt of work to be done to both our land and our house to make it how we want it and easier to take care of. In the lead up to the move and still, most evenings, we research like crazy about what other people have done, how they’ve done it, struggles they faced, plans for this and that, and it has been so helpful to come across so many wonderful blogs and people sharing there homesteading life that if we could share our journey along the way, it might give others some ideas also. Sharing is caring!

So what can you expect? We hope to share with you all our projects we have great plans for, our expanding animal family (2 of everything please Matt!), daily farm life candid moments and everything we learn in between. I also LOVE to cook so you’ll be seeing some kitchen antics and tasty goodness comin’ your way too.

Thank you for stopping by, take a look around, share your stories with us too and enjoy your ‘you time’ at virtual KaMa Heights Farm.


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