Meet Our Farm Family

“KaMa’s K-9”: CHARLIE

Meet the larakin of our family, Charlie!

Our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie has just turned two which we’re learning roughly translates to a naughty teenager pushing their luck with their parents! We love him all the same and he provides a lot of laughs, cuddles (a 50kg lap dog!) and face licks. Still a lot of training for this one on how to be a ‘farm dog’ but for now he’s happy to laze on the deck getting some sea breeze.

**and as if on cue, I hear Matt on the horn in the excavator alerting me to the fact that Charlie is running around like a goofball under falling trees! *sigh*


Whilst their names are Ollie and Summer, they rarely get called by them.

Summer is our forever kitten – she may be 6 years old but we swear she hasn’t grown any since 6 months old and only weighs a couple kg! Lovingly referred to as “Bum” (Summer = Sum = Sum Bum = Bum), she’s our baby girl with a slight tendency to go cross-eyed (bless her sweet face!) and would be happy to go back south where it’s cooler. She’s a bit of a princess, doesn’t like getting her feet dirty and hasn’t done so well in the Queensland humidity but after a shear (at the dog groomer!) she is a whole lot happier.

Ollie goes by “Ol-Bol”, “Bol”, “Swampy” (he has a furry bum…not the best when trying to do his…*a-hem*…business!) or one of our nieces calls him Oscar as it was easier to remember! He’s lazy and often quite grumpy, but he out of all our fur babies has transitioned the best to farm life and sunny Queensland, soaking up the sun rays or sleeping under the tractor until it’s dinner time.



These happy hens came with the property when we bought it in 2016. Chickens were always first on our list of family additions when we eventually found our dream location so the fact that we…hmm, not sure if it’s the right pun to use here… ‘killed two birds with one stone’, we were stoked!

In the months leading up to our interstate move and with fresh eggs on our mind, Matt was adamant that we shouldn’t name them. We were introducing a city dog to feathery things that run and ‘cluck’, we hadn’t cared for chickens before…lots could go wrong! Low and behold, it took all of a week for him to come out with “Well of course they’re the Olsen Twins, the brown one is Betty and the black one is Rhonda!”

There are plenty more additions we plan on making to this flock, stay tuned.


We’re loving everything about our change in lifestyle!

We both grew up in country Victoria, Australia with the farm lifestyle our childhood. After 9 years in Melbourne working in the city we were well and truly ready to get back to our roots…but somewhere a bit warmer! After talking about moving north to Queensland for years we finally bit the bullet; sold our house in Melbourne, bought our 10 acre playground in South East Queensland and embarked on a horrendous 21 hour car journey with Charlie, Ollie & Summer all in the same car. Let’s just say, we will never do that drive again, so we’re staying put!

We look forward to sharing our journey with you as we transform our patch of dirt on top of a hill into a fun and animal filled homestead. #NoahsArk2.0